Hangzhou Tianyuan Tower Hotel


Wonders of the first Qiantang River tide, the only one Chinese Go culture hotel in the world, Hangzhou Tianyuan Tower Hotel is a theme hotel with rich Chinese Go culture features. It’s located at the junction of the world famous Qiantang River and the Grand Canal. It’s only 4.5 km far from West Lake, which is the pilot project of Hangzhou Qianjiang new CBD. The hotel is the membership of Hangzhou Tourism Group, the important part of Chinese Go Hangzhou branch by the head of propaganda Department of CPC Hangzhou. The hotel is being declared to Five-star hotel of national characteristics of Zhejiang Province, and one of the King-class hotel of the first cultural theme, with the business reception of international domestic of various Chinese Go competition, training, information activities as well as government agencies, enterprises, institutions, conferences, accommodation, meals, etc.


Tianyuan Tower Hotel has the investment and construction covering an area of 4 thousand square meters, construction area of 6 million square meters, and building high of 145 meters, totally of 35 floors. The hotel has nearly 54 rooms with the currently highest revolving restaurant in Hangzhou, which affords the buffet featuring of world cuisine. The 29F Tianyuan 29 Restaurant is featured of the first professional sea cucumber cuisine cooking Club in Hangzou City. The 3F I-GO Restaurant and the 6F Yi-House Banquet Hall can accommodate 400 people each, and also hold small gathering of 100 people. The 5F Conference Center is equipped with dozens of different standard meeting rooms. The 2F Water-overview Landscape Garden outdoor is a great place to admire the view of Qianjiang tide.

Staying in Tianyuan Tower Hotel, you can discover the charm of Chinese Go in spare time, tasting the beauty of Chinese Go, feeling the deeply artistic conception of Chinese Go culture.

Address: No.2 Qianchao Road, Qianjiang New CBD, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. 

P.C: 310020 

Tel: 0571-88111111 

Website: www.tianyuantower.com